Potato Leek Soup Recipe

I hate to look through the vegetable and fruit aisle of the supermarket to see which ones are the best quality and price so instead I order my local Harvest Box.  What's great about the Harvest Box is that the farmers have already decided for you and choose a minimum of 7-8 different vegetables and fruit for you to try.

Then every time it is like I am cooking like the "Iron Chef" because I have to look for new recipes to try that include the vegetable or fruit that was in my box.  It is a fun cooking challenge.

The vegetable in the box for this recipe was:  LEEKS

I had two large bolstering leeks that I did know what to do.  So my internet recipe search began and it seemed like the most popular combination was a Potato Leek Soup.  I discovered many recipes and a lot of them called for cream, however, I finally found this Potato Leek Soup Recipe from Simply Recipe that was dairy free.

I find that the true test of a recipe is that I can modify it but it still turns out wonderfully.  That's how I feel about this recipe.  I omitted the water because I wanted the full flavour of the chicken stock and I like thicker soups.  I used what I had for the seasonings which were fresh chopped chives, dried thyme, dried majoram, dried parsley, salt & pepper.  I served this soup with garlic toast.  Perfect combination!