Easy Chinese Dinner: Ma Po Tofu Recipe

When I was growing up, I did watch my parents cook in the kitchen but never learned how to cook Chinese food the way that they could.  So many people are surprised when I get take out Chinese food because they would expect I could make it myself.  Even though I'm not at cooking Chinese food, I love the taste and try to find ways to be able to enjoy it at home. 

My cheat for an easy Chinese Ma Po Tofu recipe is to use the packaged sauce for the dish.  It made it really easy (and not to mention cheap).  Be sure to start your rice first as you will find Ma Po Tofu doesn't take long at all.   

Ma Po Tofu Recipe 
1 package of Ma Po Tofu sauce
1 box of soft tofu
90 grams of lean ground pork
1-2 tsp oil (optional)

Stirfry ground pork and oil in a frying pan until nicely browned.  Then add the diced soft tofu and the sauce.  Stir gently together and reduce to low heat. 

I served it on top of rice with a side dish of steamed broccolli (or you could do green beans).