BBQ Pork Udon Soup

I don't think that I have a signature dish, however, if I look back at my blog posts, I can see that I do love making different versions of homemade soup.  It all began when I learned how to make homemade chicken stock.  Now I'm able to do variations of soup stock.  I went to the grocery store one day and saw that they had pork bones for $1.  I couldn't resist and made pork soup stock.  Surprisingly it tastes like chicken soup stock.  Its' a great base for a homemade udon soup.

BBQ Pork Udon Soup
1 package BBQ (from Asian supermarket or in Chinatown)
1 pot of soup stock
8 sliced mushrooms
1/2 bag of baby bok choy
2 packages of udon
salt and pepper to season

Boil the soup stock, add the udon and sliced mushrooms.  Add the baby bok choy and sliced BBQ pork.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.  Now you have an easy, quick weekday evening meal fit for two.  It's a great winter comfort food for the cold, dark nights ahead.