Cooking has always been a challenge for me since I was a little girl but I still loved being in the kitchen.  In the beginning I made rock hard cookies that my father ate with a smile on his face.  I remember going to my friend's house and made caramel popcorn that seemed wrong.  What happened?  We forgot the sugar.

In university cooking was still a struggle.  I burnt rice in a pot so then my parents bought me a rice cooker.  I used to go to 4 grocery stores so I could buy the items on special.  It seemed I was more interested in getting a sale than what I was going to cook.  So I practiced cheap eating with some strange combinations such as tomato soup (instead of tomato sauce) with pasta.  Luckily my friends in university could cook and bake so I watched them whip up delicious homemade meals and I could reap the rewards.

Now I'm finally cooking and baking something that's worth eating so I wanted to share this accomplishment with the world.  Am I an expert chef now?  Of course not!  I have friends who can bake and cook circles around me but I truly enjoy the discoveries of the kitchen. 

I look for healthy recipes, comfort food recipes, brown bag lunch recipes, and easy weeknight dinner recipes.  I'm finding the value in quality ingredients and love the fact that cooking at home saves money. 

There's a treasure chest of recipes out there!  Let me be your test kitchen and try a new coupon chef recipe today!

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