Drink: Homemade Vitamin or Fruit Water Recipe

Through a Facebook newsfeed I discovered the Homesteading/Survivalism Facebook page which has a lot of neat ideas and this was one of them.  I loved the idea and had to share it right away and the feedback from my Facebook friends was like mine.  LOVED IT!  This is super easy and fun to prepare.

Homesteading/Survivalism prepared their vitamin water in glass mason jars which is a fabulous idea!  Now I don't have any of those so I improvised by preparing it in an ice-tea shaker which works marvelously because it has a cap that strains and keeps the fruit in the shaker. 

Easy Homemade vitamin or Fruit water Recipe

*Slice fruit thinly and put in water. 
*Refrigerate for 4-6 hours
*Enjoy your naturally flavoured water!

The combinations are endless.  Use what you have at home already is always my motto!

*Raspberry, Lemon, Mint
*Raspberry, Lemon/ Lime
*Strawberry, Lemon/Lime
*Orange, Lemon/Lime

 It tastes GREAT with all natural flavours!  Perfect for summer!