Brown Bag Lunch: Mason Jar Greek Salad Recipe

I remember seeing this idea online (I think) and loved the idea so much that I didn't have time to share or bookmark it and instead fled to the kitchen to make salads for my brown bag lunch. 

Simple idea:  Make your salad in a mason jar with dressing at the bottom, layered with crunchy vegetables, or pasta, and the lettuce or tomatoes on the top.  The idea is to keep the dressing separated from the lettuce that will wilt easily.  That's what I hate about bringing salads to work is that your lettuce gets soggy.  With this method it won't. 

Just mix and enjoy at your desk or in the lunch room. 

I loved the idea of the mason jar salad but didn't have any jars at home so I used my glass containers instead.  It did the trick.  Here's my Greek Salad Recipe in a "Mason Jar".

Dressing:  Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and italian seasoning.
Greek Salad:  Sliced red onion, cucumber, feta cheese, and tomatoes.