Cheesy Fusilli Bake Recipe

With technology and the age of the internet, I have to say I get a lot of different recipes to try from just surfing the net.  I think I was searching for macaroni and cheese recipes when I discovered this Cheesy Fusilli Bake recipe on the Macheesm website.  I loved the step by step photos that accompany the recipe.  It really makes it visual and easy to follow.   The simplicity of the ingredients and the step by step photo of what it all should look like, makes it easy for even beginner chefs.

I remember my early days of trying to do a cheese sauce and having it a clumpy mess.  This cheesy fusillini bake has a nice bechamel sauce and my only tip is to remember to keep your temperature low and to keep whisking it up.  Don't worry if it's not super thick, you want a creamy cheese sauce and remember the curls of the fusilli will hold the cheese sauce nicely. 

Cheesy Fusilli Bake Recipe from Macheesm website.

Here's what I did because used 375 grams of tri colour fusilli.  I used 1 cup of cream and 1 cup of milk for the sauce.  I only used cheddar cheese in the bechamel sauce.  I opted not to do the cheese or bread crumbs on top.  Still it turned out wonderfully and so colourful.  I'm quite happy with this dish.

This is a great bake that feeds a party of 6!  Of course with only a party of 2, I will have enough for dinner and lunches for a few days.  I chose not to freeze and instead decided to do a lunch trade with a co-worker.  A lunch trade is when you prepare a lunch for a friend, and they prepare lunch for you.  Benefit of this is so you have variety without having to do more cooking.