Brown Bag Lunch - Slimming Soba Noodle Salad

Last week when I was shopping at Extra Food, I found that they had a no-name store brand soba (buckwheat noodles).  I've seen these noodles before used as soba salad in Japanese cooking but never knew what I would do with them until I saw Scrumptious Serenity's post about this Slimming Soba Noodle Salad.  It looked simple enough so I decided to try it.

The next ingredient I looked for was kale.  I had never eaten this vegetable before and never knew that it was famous for being a superfood filled with cancer fighting vitamins.  It's a dark leafy vegetable and I found a healthy portion in the organic vegetable section of my supermarket. 

Now when I went hunting for the pine nuts is when I stood at a standstill and decided not to follow the recipe.  A 100g portion of pine nuts were over $10!  In my grocery cart, there was one pound of meat for half that price.  I really could not justify the price of that nut and carried on. 

Later, my friend suggested to buy the pine nuts from the bulk section so I could select just the 2 tablespoons needed for the recipe.  I did that and spent $2 instead of $10. 

Now shopping for this recipe is the hardest part.  Actually cooking it is easy and I followed  the recipe from Scrumptious Serenity including the fig balsamic vinegar.  It is a colourful salad chopped full of goodness.  Overall the price for this dish is under $5 so it is a healthy buy and worth a try for your brown bag lunch.