Brown Bag Lunch: Asparagus and Beef Tortellini

It's the 2nd day of February and my healthy every week on a budget.  I'm finding it difficult already.  I struggle to make good meals for my brown bag lunches.  Perhaps this is the disadvantage of experimentation and not using recipes.  You really don't know how it will turn out.  The good news is that the dish is edible and I will take it to work for lunch tomorrow.  I am thankful though that it's Friday tomorrow.  I'm going weekend winter camping so I don't have to worry about meal planning.  Hooray!

Asparagus and Beef Tortellini
beef tortellini package
bunch of asparagus
feta cheese
garlic spread

Boil water, add pinch of salt and then tortellini.  Cook as per instructions on package.  Chop asparagus ends and add to tortellini in last few minutes.  Drain.
Toss with garlic spread and feta cheese.
In a frying pan, saute asparagus tips with squeeze of lemon juice for 5 minutes.  Do not overcook.  You want the asparagus tender crisp.  Lay asparagus on top of tortellini.

Even though I love eating a variety of food for my meals, even after 2 days, I am finding the benefits of a BIG cooking day to prepare for the week or for cooking larger portions.  I'm not very happy about my creative food.  I want to start following recipes again.  What will recipes will I follow next week?  Stay tuned to find out.