February Goal: Grocery Bill #1

I'm trying a new Healthy Living on a Budget in February to get a better idea of how much I spend on groceries and to see if I can live on a lean budget of $100/ week for 2 people.  I'm not sure if that's going to happen since I will also eat healthy too.  This means cooking more meals at home, bringing brown bag lunches to work and eating a healthy breakfast before work.  All of this within a budget!  This will be a challenge for me.

Today I went grocery shopping and it shocked me how much I spent on the first day of my new goal. 
Grand total at IGA:  $71.95
Good thing:  Go shopping with a list (only if you stick to the list)
Bad thing:  Go shopping when you're hungry
I'm more of a spontaneous grocery shopper so I buy based on my tummy and tonight my tummy was hungry.   

Already turkey stock is on the stove with the turkey back bones and drumsticks ($4.38), onions, carrots, and celery.  More recipes to follow in the upcoming days.

BUT my BIG question is.....will it last a week???