Healthy Every Week on a Budget: February Goal

As you might have noticed I wasn't as successful as I hoped in my Healthy Every Week Challenge in January.  I had much better success with my Brown Bag Lunch in September.  Regardless of my setback, I'm motivated and want to take Healthy Every Week into February with a new goal.

I want to get a better idea of if I am staying on budget with my grocery shopping.  I decided to see if I can cook and eat healthy on $100/ week for 2 people.  I will be tracking with my blog and you'll be able to follow me on this February Healthy Every Week on a Budget.

In deciding if this amount was enough, I felt motivated when I saw this article on How to Grocery Shop for Five for $100.  If someone can feed their family with that amount, I can definitely do it for 2.  One last weekend in January before I start tracking the grocery bills for February.  Let's see if I can really be a Coupon Chef!