Cook at Home: Turkey Shepherd's Pie

Cooking at home and preparing leftovers for lunch the night before helps save money. It takes more time but can be healthier and will save you from spending $10 on lunch.
It also provides me with something productive to do at night knowing that I will eat healthier.

Turkey dinner is not just for special occasions. I cooked a turkey on the weekend and the biggest challenge with that festive meal is what to do with the leftovers. Here's a brilliant idea that uses up a lot of leftovers from your turkey dinner.

Turkey Shepherd's Pie

chopped turkey meat leftovers
leftover gravy
leftover vegetable medley cooked
leftover mashed potatoes

I used medium glass containers to cook the Turkey Shepherd's pies in so they can go straight from the oven to the fridge and later to the microwave.  Brilliantly convenient.  In a glass square container I put the turkey on the bottom, next add the gravy and vegetables and lastly put the mashed potatoes on top.  Cook in the oven at 325 degrees for 20-30 mins. 

Great meal to heat up the next day in the microwave.  In my lunch box above, I've portioned out a serving of the Turkey Shepherd's Pie with a side dish of saute spinach that was past the best before date but still had life to it. 

That's one advantage of the split containers - it forces you to add a side of vegetables or salad.