Brown Bag Lunch Challenge: Blueberry Cobbler

I decided to make my first cobbler and was surprised at how easy it was to have fresh homemade dessert. After getting into the habit of bringing something for lunch and basically not spending money on lunch, I felt that I was missing something. Dessert. Even though I'm saving money and bringing a bagged lunch, a dessert portion, can add a difference to an ordinary brown bag lunch.

I found an easy Very Best Blueberry Cobbler recipe from What I like about this website is the rating system and the ability to calculate different yields for different number of people. Since I didn't have a square baking pan and only a round one, I decided to downsize the recipe for 3 people. It was the perfect portion for couples or singles!
What did I bring for my brown bag lunch?
*Stirfry chicken and vegetables
*Blueberry cobbler