Taste Book: Make Personalized Cookbooks

Do you have your family favourite recipes that you want to keep in a laminated cookbook?
Do you have friends who enjoy cooking or baking?  You can create a perfect personalized gift for them!

It's free to sign up for Taste Book.  You can invite your friends and share family favorite recipes with each other.  You can collect your own recipes and put them into your personalized cookbook. 

I love the idea but am having trouble deciding which recipes to put in.  It's like recipe block so I haven't put in a lot of recipes yet.  I'm hoping that you will sign up for free and I will get my 10 referrals that I need to get a free Taste Book.  That would be a great Christmas gift for me!  Especially since the referral run out on December 31, 2011.   Then you can do the same.   Merry Christmas to us all!