Brown Bag Lunch Challenge Day 8 - Staple Lunch Items for the Week

September brings a lot of challenges because it is one of my busiest work months.  It has been a challenge to think of unique lunch ideas.  I ran out.  Today I packed the same lunch as Day 6.  Packaged fresh pasta with packaged light alfredo sauce.  It's not homemade, but it's not take out either.  I am still saving money by packing a lunch, add my tossed salad, and bring fruit.  That's not too bad.

Staple Lunch Items for the Week:
*box of fresh mixed salad greens - prewashed so all you have to do is pack it in a container.  Add whatever vegetables, or cheese, or berries, or nuts that you wish to add for a lovely 'restaurant' salad for lunch.
*local fruit - get an assortment of berries, peaches, pears, apples.  It's better to get small quantities of a variety of fruit so you can mix and match throughout the week.  The fruity combinations keep it fun!
*eggs - great protein for your lunch when you run out of food and creativity.  Last week I did the simple egg salad sandwich.  This week I just brought hard eggs to complement my salad.

What did I bring for my brown bag lunch challenge?
Tortellini and Alfredo Sauce pasta
Salad mix with grape tomatoes and herbed feta
Local Peach