Brown Bag Lunch Challenge Day 7 - Little Bit of Everything

Today I'm doing a little bit of everything.  I ate at a friend's house so there were no leftovers for me to pack for lunch.  I was going to do the same egg salad sandwich that I had last week but it was cheating.  I didn't want to make 2 brown bag lunches that were the same.  So my friend gave me a bag of Sweet Potato gluten-free tortilla chips to try.

What did I bring for my brown bag lunch challenge?

Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips (gluten-free)
Local peach
2 hard boiled eggs
Tossed salad with salad mix, grape tomatoes, cucumber, shredded cheddar cheese

Simple and easy.  

Eggs are my protein, chips are my grain, salad is my vegetable and peach is my fruit serving.
Just a little bit of everything.