Brown Bag Lunch Challenge Day 6 - Easy Tortellini and Alfredo Sauce Recipe

September is one of my busiest months of the year at work and it is non-stop craziness.  So the one think that I do not think about is what to eat for dinner and what to prepare for lunch the next day.  It is not surprising that my lunch is a simple fresh Olivieria pasta and sauce. 

Tortellini and Alfredo Sauce Recipe
1 package of Olivieria Tortellini Three Cheese and Herbs
1 container of Olivieria Light Alfredo pasta
Boil pot of water, add pinch of salt and tortellini.  Cook for 8-10 mins until tortellini float to the top.  You can taste for tenderness.  Drain and put back in pot.  Add light alfredo to coat tortellini.  Fresh ground pepper on top for taste.

What did I bring for my brown bag lunch challenge?
Tortellini and Alfredo Sauce pasta
Fresh local fruit - blueberries and early plums
Salad mix with cucumber and cheddar cheese