Easy Recipe: Wonton Wednesday

Here's a simple meal that you can make with homemade chicken stock
I didn't get a picture of the Wonton Noodle Soup because I'm always so hungry and it tastes and smells so good that I gobble it all up before I can grab my camera.  It's an easy meal that's ready in less than 30 minutes.

Here's what you need:
*half pot of homemade chicken stock (4-6cups)
*frozen wontons
*thin egg noodle or instant noodle 
*bbq pork or shrimp (optional)
*chopped mushroom or other veggies you have in the fridge (optional)

Boil the chicken stock, add the wontons first because they take longer to cook.  Add meat, veggies and noodles.  The trick is the homemade chicken stock which is healthier and tastes very delicious in this simple recipe.  Recommended side dish is pan fried chinese vegetable with hoison sauce (try baby bok choy, gai lan, or any other green vegetable).