Brown Bag Lunch - Soba Noodle Recipe

Now I've made cold soba salads with a peanut sauce but wanted to try a soba noodle salad that could also be served warm.  With a bit of google recipe searching for a warm soba noodle salad, I found Rachel Ray's Sesame Soba Noodles that I could adapt.  The great thing about cooking is that I can get the main flavors and ideas and then adapt according to what's in my fridge and pantry.  Just cook up the noodle, prepare the vegetables and dressing and toss it all together.  This is great eaten as a warm or cold salad and is healthy too.   Perfect for a brown bag lunch!  

- soba noodles - cook and drain
- grated carrot (1)
- edamame (1 cup)
- julienned red pepper (1)

Dressing - the measurements you can take a look at Rachel Ray's recipe above.  I basically looked at what was ingredients were and added them to make a dressing.  I didn't have many soba noodle so made less dressed than in the recipe.

 - soy or tamari sauce
 - honey
 - ginger and garlic
 - olive oil