Mason Jar Monday - Granola Peach Yogurt Parfait

My fascination with mason jar breakfast parfaits started when my friend brought me to Cafe Divano in Burnaby, BC for coffee and breakfast on our way to work.  I wasn't going to buy anything, but when I saw their mason jar breakfast parfaits by Gabi and Jules, I couldn't resist.  I loved the fact that it was breakfast to go in a simple mason jar.  Also the parfait has loads of fresh fruit, a little yogurt, and homemade granola on top.  Delicious!  

That is when I got my first mason jar and my hunt for mason jars began.  At work they had some the exact same size as leftovers and I scavenged them.  That's all I really needed was to have four mason jars to get myself started.  I found out that I don't really make more than a few days worth to maintain freshness.

I experimented with making homemade chunky apple sauce and pear sauce to go in the mason jars.  Now since it's winter, I read online someone who experimented with canned peaches.  What a fabulous idea for those winter months when nothing local is in season!  

Here's the recipe:

1 can of sliced peaches 
1/4 cup of Greek plain yogurt
1/2 cup of Terra Breads granola
1 mason jar

Layer the ingredients in a mason jar (in reality I don't really measure and just eyeball it to my taste).  

2-4 sliced peaches, dollop of Greek yogurt, more peaches, and then granola on top.  

My husband loves grabbing one on the go for an easy breakfast or snack.  No cooking required.