Afternoon Tea: Radish Tea Sandwich and Fruit Tarts

I love afternoon tea in all its luxury.  It is a fancy treat reserved for special occasions but I don't want to wait so I decided to bake and put together my own afternoon tea at home. 

Radish Tea Sandwiches
I got some nice local spring radish in my harvest box and found this radish tea finger sandwich recipe that inspired me.  This is a nice change from cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches. 

Mince radish, add cream cheese and mix together til smooth.  Spread on bread and top with radicchio.  Cut off bread crusts and cut diagonally into 4 pieces.  Garnish with fresh sliced radish.

Fruit Tart
I prepared fresh pastry cream but don't have a tart pans so I bought pre-made frozen mini-tarts.  These are very easy to use.  Dethaw for 10 mins while the oven is pre-heating and then cook until golden brown on top.  Cool.

Add pastry cream to the cool tarts.  I piped the pastry cream with a disposable icing bag.  Then decorate with fresh fruit of your choice.  That is the artistic part. 

There are many fruit tart recipes including this one from the Joy of Baking Fruit Tart recipe