Brown Bag Lunch: Potato Salad

It's been a busy week and it's apparent that Friday is tomorrow with one look in the fridge. My recipes on my post-it notes have disappeared. All of the planned meals have been made. I was preparing to treat myself to lunch at the end of a work week, but then when I was planning for next week, I started to look at the ingredients that I had left. What did I discover? A lot of potatoes. That's how I started to create this recipe for a potato salad to bring for my brown bag lunch.

I got the inspiration from this Classic Potato Salad Recipe from the Cooking Nook website. I omitted hard boiled eggs because they can be stinky.  I wanted a clean potato salad that I can enjoy at work. 

Potato Salad Recipe
4-6 peeled and chopped potatos
1 red bell pepper, chopped
1 celery, chopped
diced fresh chives
1 tbsp honey mustard
1/2 cup mayonaise
salt and pepper to taste

Boil potatoes in salted water.  When just tender, remove from stove and wash with cold water and drain.  (Potatoes will be cooked but not mushy or overcooked.  They should still retain shape).  Turn off stove.   Put potatoes back in the pot over the burner to steam off any remaining water and toss the pepper, celery, chives.  Then put all in a cold mixing bowl and add mayo, mustard, salt and pepper to taste.