Chocolate Beet Tea Loaf

Getting vegetables from your local market or harvest box is a great way to not only support the local farmers in your area, but also to ensure you eat healthy fruits and vegetables.  I'm very fortunate to work where they have a harvest box program every month where they already choose a variety of produce for me and all I have to do is pick it up with my reusable bag.  It's a great way to eat healthy and use less plastic.  I love to see the nice surprises every other week to see what type of vegetable will be in the box.  This time the surprise vegetable were:  BEETS. 

What do you do with beets?  I would never buy them on my own but that's what I love about the harvest box.  It's a great way to start cooking, baking, and experimenting with something new.  Last time I had beets in my harvest box, I boiled, peeled and ate them as is.  It was my first experience and discovered that handling hot beets to peel with your fingers can get messy.  My fingers were stained all over with the red beet colour. 

This time I didn't want to do the same.  Plus I only had two small beets so I went searching on Google to see what kind of beet recipes I could find.  That's when I discovered Luna Cafe website with this recipe for Heavenly Chocolate Beet Tea Loaf.   This was perfect! 

What I liked about this chocolate beet loaf recipe is that I don't have to cook the beets.  I just needed to grate them.  This was definitely less messy than peeling beets but when I was grating I definitely could imagine a world with a food processor that would make this a hands free task.  But back from my daydream and two small beets were grated by hand with minimal staining. 

Now if you follow my blog, you know that I normally don't follow recipes and instead I make substitutions based on what I have at home.  This is how I save money.  Normally I also would provide you with the recipe with my modifications.  This time I recommend FOLLOWING the recipe and not to follow me.

Following my footsteps made me taste a batter that seemed too sweet, wiping up a broken egg from the kitchen floor, and second guessing if the beet loaf would turn out to be edible. 

Luckily it was.  Next time I won't take that chance, nor want the stress.  It's best to follow the  Chocolate Beet Recipe as is.  This is a lovely tea loaf that's flavourful and moist.