Storage Ideas - Saving your Herbs

Cooking for two is not easy and especially when I like fresh herbs that often do not last long enough in the fridge before getting moldy or bad.  I've used freeze dried herbs before and that works and also have seen the spice cubes.  So, if all I need to do is to do some preparation when everything is fresh to help keep it longer.  Here are some storage ideas that I've tried and it seems to be working well.

1.  Parsley - Fresh is best but it doesn't last long.  I have chopped the parsley while it's still fresh.  Another benefit of doing this preparation is that it's super easy to use in your dishes. 

2.  Green onions -  These only last a few days so I chop them up and freeze them.  I can still throw them in soups and they do not go to waste.

3.  Garlic and Ginger - A little goes a long way but you can never just buy a little.  They are cheap so they are sold in larger packs.  Here you can chop the garlic and add to vegetables that you'll freeze like brocolli so when you prepare it the seasoning is already included.  You can grate the ginger and keep in the freezer. 

I'm still experimenting and only recently have I discovered that everything that you can buy frozen, you can actually freeze from fresh by yourself.  I had a canteloupe that I chopped up and a couple of peaches and threw them together in a freezer bag for smoothies.  Summer is here and you'll be able to buy more fresh vegetables and fruit.  Freeze them yourself so you'll have fresh food for the winter.